5 Simple Tips for Creative Inspiration


This week I am headed to the Hermitage Camaldoli Center in Big Sur, California for a 2-day silent retreat. The center is gorgeous, overlooking the vast waters of Pacific Ocean. I treasure the opportunity to unplug from modern technology and to open to the silence of nature.

For me a silent retreat is always a fertile template for creative inspiration, whether creating a new song, an innovative idea for my business or a new vision for my life.

In lieu of my upcoming retreat, I’d like to take a moment to share some simple tips that inspire me; tips that help keep my creative wheels turning and new ideas flowing bountifully.

So without further ado, this week’s blog post…

5 Simple Tips for Creative Inspiration

1. Take a Silent Retreat

Set an intention for a day of silence. You can unplug in your own home or head out to your favorite natural spot. Tell your friends and family you’ll be unavailable for the day.  It can be easy and relatively cost-free. Bring an open mind, paper, pens and journal. You’ll be amazed at what will emerge creatively after spending 24 hours in silence!

bench overlooking water, nature silent retreat

2. Go for a Walk

Walking is easy. It is a way to move your body and move your energy. Walking lifts your mood and aids in the overall maintenance of your health. I oftentimes get my biggest and best ideas from a brisk afternoon walk.

quote about walking

 3. Spend Time in Nature

Nature is medicine to the soul. It is soothing, regenerating and oh so uplifting! The natural world has been home to some of the greatest inspiration known to mankind.  A dose of nature will never be a waste of time, and will almost always provide an inspirational offering.

quote with nature

 4. Breathe

Breathing is a simple and effective exercise. Breathing more deeply calms the mind. It also helps with revitalization, detoxification, relieves emotional stress and soothes the nervous system. Breathing is a great way to relax, let go of negative thoughts and find your creative center!

quote about breathing

5. Let Go!

Yes this is a big one and often the hardest thing to do. Sometimes pushing and trying too hard to come up with creative ideas will just make you feel more stuck. It has been proven that the more we let go, walk away, take a break and a deep breath, the more likely we are the find that creative inspiration.

clouds inspirational quote

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Many blessings and continue to spread light everyone!


Chocolate & Jazz


Top 5 Delicious Chocolates Paired with Romantic Jazz Songs: Valentine’s Day Special

Wishing you the happiest of Valentine’s Day! As a little gift I’ve made a list of my top 5 Favorite Romantic Jazz Tunes and paired them with my Top 5 Favorite Delicious Chocolates. The combo is the ultimate Valentine aphrodisiac. Enjoy!

5. Nina Simone’s “My Baby Just Cares for Me”
Love the upbeat, whimsical version of this song. Nina’s vocal phrasing is always so playful and sounds so effortless.

Chocolove XOXO 65% DARK classic and delicious. Not too sweet, not too bitter.  

Chocolove XOXO


4. Ella Fitzgerald and Lois Armstrong’s “Dream a Little Dream of Me”
Classic tune that always makes me feel nostalgic, warm and fuzzy.

Divine’s Dark Chocolate with Raspberries. Organic Fair Trade goodness.

Divine’s Dark Chocolate with Raspberries


3. Duke Ellington’s “Single Petal of A Rose”
This is one of my all time favorite melodies. Written as homage to Queen Elizabeth, it’s an elegant romantic piece.

Green and Black’s Organic Mint. Dark chocolate with the perfect hint of mint.

Green and Black’s Organic Mint


2. Sarah Vaughan “Body and Soul”
A master vocalist with perfect technique, unique vocal phrasing and emotional depth makes this song an eros evoking piece.

TCHO Chocolate, Mokaccino

TCHO Chocolate Mokaccino

Made with local Blue Bottle coffee, this chocolate is smooth and savory.


1. Jimmy Scott “Someone to Watch Over Me

Simply breathtaking vocals. Jimmy Scott gives his whole self to the song. One of the most passionate and brave singers I’ve ever heard. And to me, the number one most romantic tune.

LuLu’s Raw Chocolate Smoked Sea Salt Almond
Raw, clean, organic. The perfect piece of chocolate.

LuLu’s Raw Chocolate Smoked Sea Salt Almond


Happy Valentines Day!